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for military aircraft and helicopters of French origin in more than 20 countries.
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(Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Thanks to its long lasting cooperation and numerous partnerships with most French Aeronautical companies, SECAMIC is able to rapidly supply all types of OEM parts for airplanes and helicopters, mostly of French origin, all over the world. Simply specify the desired part references and SECAMIC will do its best to provide them quickly and cost effectively.

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  Mecanical parts :

o Screws, nuts and pins
o Bearings
o Filters
o Tools
o Washers and gaskets
o Steel or special alloy tubes and sheets

This list is not exhaustiv, for more information contact us

  Hydraulic parts :

o Flexibles and hoses
o Valves
o Regulators
Spare parts for hydraulic test benches

This list is not exhaustiv, for more information contact us

  Electrical and electronical parts :

o  Connectors and pins
o  Antennas and spare parts for telecommunication equipments
o  Insert tools, cables, thermo-sleeves, insulators
o  Switches
 spare parts for vario-alternators
Spare parts for engines starting units - Batteries and cells
 Electronic components such as diodes, transistors, capacitors, lamps, fuses, bulbs, switches and relays

This list is not exhaustiv, for more information contact us

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